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The silver leaf work

Let’s see how to apply silver leaf while painting the furniture. Precisely, there may be different techniques and several ideas. However, the belowmentioned information is the technique that we use. We explained every step in simple terms and here, we are going to apply silver leaf onto furniture. So please, note down the tips provided by us.


The Materials,

  • The material that we want to apply onto the leaf
  • Gold bronze or Bright Silver Powder
  • Gold bronze or Silver imitation leaf
  • Mixion glue: the binding agent for foil
  • Polish
  • Brush (thin for spreading the glue and in order to clean the leaves, thick)

The Application Procedure,


  • Initially, the application surface would be painted via the mixture of polish and foil. If we plan to dye only the selected regions of the surface, an adhesive tape should be applied first. Thereby, In order to protect the unwanted zones which must not colored, simply masking application would solve the problem. The reasons why we undercoating with silvering material are because of we want to minimize any kind of non-cohesive risks.
  • After the drying step of Metal painting; the miksion-glue would be applied on a surface via thin brush. In this step, we should watch if the binding agent was glued homogeneously. In some cases, glue may not do its job well.
  • We should wait about 15-20 minutes in order to complete the drying process of binding agent. This process is completed when miksiyon becomes transparent.
  • When time is up, we should hold the imitation foil carefully. This leaf is really thin and can be torn with any simple wind or unwanted hand move.
  • Then, we need to place the foil charily on a surface. This installation process is important. Because in this step; we determine whether the leaf will be wrinkled or straight. After the installation of the layer, we should use the thick-brush(4-5cm) to complete the step and we need to rap it, a little bit, while realizing the process. This process should be replied at every stage of plastering. After the completion of it, we need to wait for a while. Because, the glue should be dried.
  • Waiting period is about 6 hours. At the end of this waiting time, we should clean the top of the application surface via the help of unpolluted another thick brush. We need to clean the surface with gentile moves.
  • At the last step of the process, in order to protect leaf, we need to start polishing treatment. To get shiny surface we should use gloss varnish, but if would like to have an opaque surface then we should use flat varnish.

We have just explained the pure summary of the silver leaf operation. With a bit imagination, we are sure that you can use these techniques on your nested tables, chairs and other similar stuff in your house.

Gold leaf application video
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