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Retouching the Furniture at Home

You buy your furniture by paying very large sums of Money but then a guest comes and puts his/her key on your coffee table and scratches it. You can’t get angry but you feel sad inside. Of course you didn’t pay such a lot money for your guests’ drawing.

Buy a retouching pen which is produced especially for the drawings on your furniture. By mixing three different colors, you can make your furniture as if you have just bought it. Furniture touch-up pens are very easy to implement and the paint dries instantly and it says “here I am” to the guests.

But if you don’t want to buy a furniture touch-up pen for a small scratch on your furniture, of course a furniture seller can make it easily. So, you don’t need to get angry with your quest, of course that scratch appeared unconsciously, didn’t it?

Touch-up paint can be performed easily on lacquer furniture. First of all, we would like to indicate that, lacquer furniture is more resistant than other furniture against damages. In addition, it has bright and vivid colors. Lacquer paints satisfy the user with its color variety, and this makes it a matter of preference.

Practical methods for furniture touch-up.

First of all, be sure to buy the paint of the color of the drawn or damaged furniture. Take a piece of cotton wool between your fingers. Sharpen the end of cotton. Insert the paint. Touch the area softly. Rub up and down. When you get the same tone, its OK.

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