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Important Points While Lacquer Painting

Lacquer paint is a difficult and laborious task to do. You need patience and effort.

While making lacquer painting you should take the followings into consideration;

Floor padding should be very good.

First, take a layer of polyurethane liner on the furniture where you will apply lacquer paint. Take roughness away and put polyester lining.

Putty poll: The secret of high-quality lacquer paint is putty poll. A small putty may ruin your job even if you do a perfect painting. Putty poll must be done before the polyester lining, you must leave the putty under polyester. It will be more logical to put polyester putty to very big places. Polyester putty dries quickly and does not crash, does not shed.

Discharge is a troublesome. Another factor that destroys the quality lacquer paint is flow of the paint. If the flow is on the filler, it must be corrected with the help of emery, if it is at the last floor; it must be cleaned immediately or must be corrected with sandpaper after it dried. Ant you must repaint.

Polishing is very important for bright lacquer. Polishing is one of the fundamental elements which show lacquer. One of the most important problems encountered during polishing is bottom off. Even if you polish in a good way if there are bottom off events on the corners, your work may ruin. If there is haze at the polishing event, this means you couldn’t achieve. Pasta again and clean by the help of polish. Don’t forget that you can’t make a high-quality lacquer with poor-quality material. In addition, if you’re not a master, you can screw up the work even with the highest quality materials. The best lacquer paint occurs with high-quality paint, skill and patience.

Please pay attention to “how to paint lacquer” page.

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