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How to Paint Lacquer?

What is Lacquer paint?

Lacquer is a brilliant furniture polish which can be colorless or colored. This kind of polishing method began in China first and then it has been used in Europe in the 1600s.

 Why Lacquer?

Lacquer’s smooth appearance can transform an ordinary piece of wood to wonderful furniture.

Is there any type of furniture which is not appropriate for lacquer polish?

Bright polishes reveal the strokes on your furniture. Therefore, lacquer is not suitable for intricate wood.

How to paint lacquer?

Lacquer polish is a method that requires many chemicals, careful sanding and multi-layered priming. In short, it is a task that requires full mastery. In order to apply lacquer paint, first sub-floor must be strong.

What kind of trees are suitable lacquer paint? Now, the most used type of wood is MDF. MDF is rigid and has a non-porous structure. Timber is also suitable for lacquer paint.

What are the processes of lacquer paint?

1.       Floor Filler

2.     Putty poll

3.     Grinding

How to grind?

4.     Lining

5.     Putty poll

6.    Putty and primer grinding

7.     The painting process

8.     Smoothing process

9.    Last layer paint process

10.  Shining and Polishing

Lacquer painting process described here briefly. This process continues at least 7 days.

Padding 1 day

Sanding 1 day

Getting ready to paint 1 day

Wait for polishing 3 days

Polishing 1 day

11.    Retouching and Cleaning

After polishing if you have bottom off problem, retouch these areas. Clean the pasta and polish wastes with a fiber cleaning cloth.

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