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Clean Your Furniture at Home

By using the furniture, it gradually loses its vitality and beautiful view. If we want to keep it as its first day, we should periodically make polishing. It is hard to apply pasta and polish. If you say I can do, Take pasta from a shop that sells furniture coating material. We will beautify appearance of our furniture.


1 – Do not apply this process on paint spilled furniture.
2 – Do not apply this process if you have rust on metal surfaces.
3 – Use gloves during this process. (It is not a material that hurts your hand.)

Here we go. Check here first.


1 – Furniture pasta and polish that you have purchased before. (Polish is not necessary but would be better) (water-based preference)
2 – Thread waste cloth or cotton cloth or fabric
3 – Water (If you didn’t buy water-based use gas oil)
4 – Very thin sandpaper (from 1000-3000)


Apply these processes outside your house (balcony or bath)

1 – Clean the surface, grind, make sure there are not more scratches. If there are more scratches grind with water.
2 – First of all, we take a piece of cloth in our hand (thread waste cloth or cotton)
3 – Fold the cloth, take a piece of pasta with our fingers.
4 – Rub the surface by pressing. Repeat this process with back and forth hand movements. After a while, you will see the revival on the surface. Refresh the pasta on the cloth.
5 – Clean the pasta residue on the surface with a cloth. Continue rubbing.
6 – Polishing finished. Clean scraps with a damp cloth.
7 – After applying the polish as if you are applying pasta, wipe the surface with cotton.

Congratulations. You have polished your furniture.

Now you can make this process whenever you think that you furniture lose its vitality.

Note: You don’t have to use pasta or polish for this process. Instead, it can be done with special furniture polishers. Cream cleaners or other cleaners can be used.

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