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Painting terms

Adherence: It is the ability of dry film layer’s standing without swelling or cracking. Perhaps, adherence is the most important feature of a paint. Adhesion even in wet conditions  is usually important for exterior paints.

Acrylic: High performance acrylic is synthetic polymer which is used in based paint or water-based paint.

Acrylic Resin: These resins are described as super elite resins which has the property of color and brightness resistance, alkali and oxidation resistance, hardness, adhesion and binding . They are also known as acrylate resins.

Acrylic Paint: Acrylic paint recipes are listed in the following alternatives:

Stable dispersion of polymeric material in aqua environment.

Alkyd: They are resins which are found inside and outside of wooden paints.

Whitewash: Mainly, it is obtained by mixing lime and water. It is used for interior decoration. It is not resistant against water.

Binder: Binds pigment pieces in order to form smooth paint film and also provides the painting adhesion.

Whitening: It is the color loss as a result of exposure to sunlight.

Durability: It is the degree of standing strong against harsh environmental influences and weather conditions.

Dispersion (suspension): It is the process of disintegration of very fine solid particles in a liquid homogeneously.

Elasticity: It is the expansion and contraction ability of the paint with not change or damage. Temperature changes can cause expansion and contraction. For example, yellow pine expands at different rates depending on the particle size. Acrylic binders attract attention with their elasticity.

Other painting terms are listed as following. You can search and learn detailed information about these terms by clicking on the search button. These are;

Emulsion, Impregnation, Enamel, Film formation, Expander, Volume solids, Airless spray, Thinner, Swelling, Catalyst, Consistency (viscosity), Mold, Covering, Pigment, Polymerization, PVA (polyvinyl acetate), PVC (pigment volume concentration), Resin, Fading, Peel, Chalking, Titania (TiO2), Pollination (flowering), Propagation

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