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What is MDF?

MDF means medium density fiberboard and is composed of the initial letters of the words Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF is a plate at medium hardness. MDF is preferred thanks to its following features; homogeneous density, standard sizes, milling operations excellence and its screws. MDF is perfect for lacquer paint applications because it is strong and smooth.


MDF is easy to treat as shown in picture. Carvings in the picture are drawn by CNC-machines and no disruption has occurred. It is very easy to fill MDF surfaces by polyurethane primer or polyester / polyether filling.

MDFLam is obtained by coating a décor paper on MDF plate. MDFlam is preferred in kitchen, bathroom and modular furniture with its rich colors and patterns. MDFlam is produced by high-pressure press machines on MDF plates from décor papers. Thanks to chemical processes during the impregnation, we obtain a water-resistant, fire-resistant and scratch-resistant surface. MDFlam is offered to the markets in Turkey and all bazaars of the world with its high quality, today’s fashion design and rich range of colors.


A sample nightstand made by MDFlam


MDFLAM is sold in the form of plates and you must cut it. It gives an excellent image as if it has been made lacquer paint. However, cut and shape accuracy of the master is important. If you are not careful while doing montage, abrasion and scratches may occur. This is a problem and generally touch-up is not possible. Retouching is possible with the lacquer paint technique.

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