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Color Matching for Parquet and Furniture

Your house must be in harmony for color and design. Therefore, the things you should do are very simple. It does not matter if they are same color or not. We can create various combinations with different colors. Even if the colors of parquet and furniture aren’t the same, they must be similar. If we choose brown parquet with brown furniture, it makes our room inharmonious and shows our house narrower than it is.

Clear, vibrant and pastel shades will show your style. It will be true to show simple and modern and also classic. For example we may choose simple, comfortable and stylish for our parquet floor. You can find this simplicity and elegance in lacquer paints. Accessory shapes, forms and spaces are also important. By this way, you won’t have a classic view but you will have simplicity.

If your dinnerware is same color with the parquet, there will be harmony. A lacquer painted dinner set will have smoothness in terms of appearance.

Colors should not be exactly the same between your furniture and parquet. You may lose all features of your set.

In modern area, people choose comfortable furniture and most of the time classic furniture is at background. But even if classic furniture isn’t chosen, we may complete this with accessories. Otherwise, it will be too simple. In order to catch the harmony with your parquet, you should use light earthy, plum or orange colors. By the help of lacquer paint, you can give resistance and natural look. Our house is ours, and it is limited by our choices.

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