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Clean your home furniture

Lacquer paints, especially white ones, quickly keeps the dirt. We can demolish these dirt and stains in the workshop. However it is very hard to find paste and polish at home. What can we do to remove the dirt on the lacquer paint at home? Lacquer paints are generally polyurethane based paints, namely they are so strong.

To remove dirt or stains;

Method 1: To use Cif type cleaner.

  • Get a piece of fabric
  • There must be a cif type or any other cleaner at home
  • These cleaning materials generally contains polish
  • Spray the cleaning material on the stain
  • Rub the stain gently with the fabric
  • Repeat this procedure several times and stains will disappear

Method 2: Cleaning with the help of thinner
If the stain is some kind of dye residue and will not come out easily;
Buy a cellulosic thinner from the ironmongery who sells paint and apply on the stain by using a fabric. Try to remove the paint with gentle movements. Using so much thinner may harm the bottom paint, you need to behave carefully.


Method 3: Using Pasta & Polish
If there is such a stain which cannot come out with the help of thinner; you will need to use pasta and polish. You can buy these from a paint material seller.


  • Thread waste gland (Üstübü Fabric)
  • 1500 emery
  • Pasta & Polish


First; grind the dirt with the help of 1500 emery. In order to avoid draws, it is needed to grind with water. Make the grinding procedure with a one-way process, up and down motion. Then, dab the polishing pasta on the thread waste gland and move up and down on the stain. Continue until the stain disappears. If it is necessary, grind again, you need to behave carefully, do not remove the bottom paint. Apply the paste again. After the dirt exactly removed, use polish in order to remove pasta traces.

However, it is difficult to apply, these proposals will work in practice. It depends on the ability of the person who applied the methods. If you have made these procedures and the stain still remains, please contact us and we are ready to help you.

Thank you. Take it easy.

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