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Painting Mistakes

No matter how high quality paints and varnishes, if the surfaces are not prepared as recommended and paint and varnish are not applied correctly, the desired result is not achieved and unwanted cost increases may arise. For this reason, measures that are taken while surface preparation and paint application will be the best outcome.
At the end of grinding, some marks may occur at different depths depending on the thickness of emery. These marks become visible after the application of the last layer of paint and varnish, so, smoothness, brightness and decorative view of the painted surface will be affected negatively. These marks must be eliminated gradually by grinding.

Spray Gun Using Technique
Application pressure must be 4-5 atmospheres for filling and lining, 2-3 atmospheres for the last layer. (Higher pressure applications may cause surface defects and higher consumption.)

1,8-2,2 mm nozzle must be used in primer and filling varnish and 1,5-1,7 mm nozzle must be used in last layer application.

Oil and water filter must be used in compressor. (oil or water by air will cause surface defects)
Spray gun must be applied by keeping perpendicular to the surface from 20-30 cm away.


The environment where paint and varnish will be applied must be dust-free and ventilated.


You must open and control the paint if there is a problem or not. Do not use it if you see any problem.
All paint or varnish materials should be mixed well before using.
The products which contain two components must be used according to recommended rates.

Recommended types and amounts of thinner should be used in paints or varnishes.

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