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Lacquer Painting and Polishing Operations

In General, lacquer painting operations are all gloss. Because of the long drying waiting time of the Gloss paints, the painted zones gets rough surface. That is why, we should rectify it. This process called; polishing process… The polishing process is a hard and long-term treatment. Thus, it needs more experience. The equipment and the materials can only be found in fully-equipped dye-houses.
In order to get outstanding effects from the polishing treatment, the application surface must be well-coated with a painting. Polyester coating should be preferred, if possible… While sandpapering the surface, an operator should do it with supreme diligence.
Because of the last coat of the painting, before going to the polishing treatment; at least, 3 days should be waited. Actually, this period may be changed according to the some facts, such as hardening time. Hardening time is not the period of drying process. It is the last step of drying and that means it is the end of treatment.


Some tiny specks and paint flood may happen while painting the surface. After the drying of the paint, this rough surface needed to be cleaned. So, the rectifying of this little defects and also bringing more quality with shiny surface, means polishing. (wax polish)
With wax polishing process, the implemented surface gains an outstanding and brighter look. Wax polish also gives endurance, as well.

Description of the Wax Polish:

Wax polish is a kind of liquid carborundum. Wax polish is a semi-liquid made from a mixture of materials including beeswax and carnuba. Waxes and wax-polish can be applied on woods that have been finished with shellacs, varnishes or oils. Some waxes contain ingredients like silicone, which makes wood appear glossy and slick to the eye. Just like, sandpapers it has some cutting degrees; Coarse – medium – fine – extra fine.

Coarse wax is the fastest diluting agent and it removes the deepest scratches. However, in order to obtain shinier surface, other types of wax should be implemented. Thus, the coarse wax-agent brings an opaque surface. So, via the help of some cloth and some varnish, the surface gains its brightness like a shiny glass.

Description of the Polishing Process:

Protective and Polishing Compound
A polishing compound is a substance that removes by abrasion a small portion of paint, metal or other substance. Think of it as liquid sand paper, It comes in different abrasiveness levels, or cuts.
A polishing compound is used to remove small scratches on the paint’s surface. It also gives hardening and protects the implemented surface from atmosphere conditions. Such as, weather (Sun) discoloration and water resistance.
However, if the polishing would done before the hardening of the paint, the surface gets a lot of defects, such as; sticky, cracks and dissolution.

Polishing Materials:

1- ) level/grit 800-2000 sandpaper
2- ) Power Sander (emery grinder)
3- ) Water/Solvent based wax
4- ) Polish (Should be water-based)
5- ) Polishing motor (Spiral Motor)
6- ) Water
7- ) Gas
8- ) Cotton

Sandpapering Process:

Polishing Process and Operation
1- ) the painted or varnished surface needs to be sandpapered with level1200 smoothly.
The sandpapering process is the most important step before go-forward. If the surface would not get sandpapered correctly then possibly glazing step will fail! Also, as a working trick, you must use some water while doing the grinding. Therefore, the possible scratches would be gets minimum. Also, another good trick is to use soap-mixed water. Via this mixture, the spiral motor moves easily, so that it would prevent any kind of working accident.

The polishing must be continued until to see the expected results from it. (such as removal of the grainy specks etc.)

Lake paint made ​​from grinding before polishing jobs

2- Applying the Wax:
After the completion of polishing, wax process should be started immediately. As we said before, the wax will gently remove the scratches and rectifies defects from the surface. Via the help of spiral motor, the grinding process triggers the brightness, and finally you gain shiny surface. However, the step should be done 2-4 times. If the wax is still bold/deep and not thin enough, gas and water can be used for it.

In some cases, the brightening process is not respond us as we expected. If this occurs, we should do this step manually, in other words it should be done by hand pressure. Certainly, it is harder than using spiral motor, but we would get better results. When we completed, once again we could use the motor and then it will be finished.

3-Polishing Process:

We used wax at the second step in order to get rid of the sandpaper defects. Now, it is the time for to rectify the wax defects. Polishing is the last step and it is also protective coat of your surface. Of course it also brings more quality to the surface and cleans well. This last step; in general done by spiral motor in order to get better results. 1 or 2 times of treatment are enough for the completion.

Possible Problems and the Solutions:

A kind of opaque, grey and very thin images may appear on the surface. That might happen because of the wax or your polish-cloth.

The Reasons of the Problems:

It may happen;
1- ) if you do the wax-polish without waiting enough time for its drying or if you painted roughly
2- ) from the spiral motor. (it may burn the painting because of its high speed)
3- ) from the spiral motor (the hammer effect of the motor may do it)
4- ) Using of the Wrong polish pad
5- ) because of the mass grinding impact of the wax
6- ) If you did the polishing, Under the sunlight

How to Prevent?
1- ) Right thickness of the painting film must be formed well and enough driying time should be given. Also, adding a accurate hardening and paint thinner should be realized. Before polishing step the surface/paint must be well-dried. If needed, IR drier can be used for it.
2- ) Spiral Motor must be driven by a person gently without pressuring much. A right polish mat also needed.
3- ) do not use thick wax
4- ) the paint film must be dried and the polish must not done under the sunlight.
How to Repair:
1- ) the polishing step should be started from the beginning (once again)
2- ) If the marks are pretty much, then thinner wax should be applied on a surface.

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